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What is Functional Medicine?

A different paradigm of approaching chronic illness or vague symptoms, deeply rooted in science. It focuses on addressing the root cause or triggers of illness instead of solely treating symptoms.

When we are diagnosed with disease we tend to think it was our genetic destiny or that “it just happened.”  Often in medicine, we don’t take into consideration how our modern technological environment is affecting us. Many times what we think is a healthy habit or healthy diet, may actually be harmful to us.  Because of our individual genetic and biochemical signatures, we don’t all respond to the same treatments, medications, or diets.  

Our clinic uses advanced functional laboratory testing to uncover triggers or mediators to symptoms or disease and personalize your treatment to work best for you.  Examples of the types of tests we offer are: delayed food and chemical sensitivities, vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal toxicity, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, adrenal function, neurotransmitter levels, genetic testing, and stool analysis for microbiome analysis and leaky gut.   

Watch Me in this short video explain how I use functional medicine concepts to help you

Mind Over Medicine Coaching

Dr. Rodriguez is a certified Practitioner of The Whole Health Medicine Institute (WHMI) founded and led by New York Times Bestselling Author & Physician Dr. Lissa Rankin MD. From the book Mind Over Medicine, “The 6 steps to Healing” is a powerful and intensive process of self-discovery and insight to assist your body in self-repair and healing. This program can be offered standalone to anyone or as an adjunct to medical care for established clients. Watch here for an inspiring introduction by Dr. Lissa Rankin.

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