Policies and Fees

Wellness Within does not provide Emergency Care services.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to the Emergency room.  If you call during business hours with questions about symptoms and your symptoms are concerning for life-threatening illness, then you will be instructed to seek emergency care at the nearest hospital.  

Functional medicine services are cash pay only.  We do not file claims to insurance for these services.  Your invoice for services can include the codes for you to submit to your insurance carrier for potential reimbursement, upon request.      

Functional Medicine Consultation

Fees are due in full at time of service. The price for the initial consult is $250. There is a $150 booking deposit due at time of booking which will be applied to your consulation fee.  This booking deposit is non-refundable within 24 hours of your appointment.  This fee does not include investigative lab work. Cash, check or credit cards are accepted.  Wellness Within does participate with CareCredit.  

The first visit is a 90 minute consultation.  Upon booking, you will complete new patient intake forms that take an estimated 60 minutes.  Only records dating back 6 months will be reviewed, and they must be faxed to the clinic for review at least 1 week prior to your appointment.   After discussing your history and undergoing a physical exam, we will discuss which laboratory testing would help you specifically to help uncover underlying causes for your illness.  Once you decide to move forward in working with Dr. Rodriguez, you will be booked for a Lab Appointment.  Since we use specialized laboratory kits, blood draws are conducted in office.  At that time, you’ll receive education on any home laboratory kits that were ordered.

Mind Over Medicine Coaching

This entails four 90-minute visits, ideally over 4 weeks time.  The schedule however can be adjusted to a time frame that works better for you as this is an intensive process.  Visits can be via skype or in office.  You will have to email access to Dr. Rodriguez directly during this time and a 15 minute follow up.  You do not need to be an established client of wellness within to participate, and no medical advice will be offered during this visit.

Program Cost: $360

Mind-Body Medicine Techniques

For people who are not established functional medicine clients.  This entails a 90-minute visit where we explore what techniques can work for you, with teaching and demonstration and development of a plan for success. 

Per visit: $75

 If you are not sure which service is right for you, call to have a quick discovery chat via phone free of charge. 

PLEASE NOTE that Wellness Within does not provide After-hours answering services.