Functional Medicine gets to the Root of Your Disease

Using functional medicine and functional nutrition helps guide you to heal and restore yourself back to vibrancy in a holistic way.  Imagine erasing fatigue and feeling empowered to know how you best function to live optimally.

You are a Living, Breathing Masterpiece.

And no one work of art is the same as another. Utilizing functional medicine concepts can personalize your treatment plan by honoring your unique genetic and biochemical signature.  All the while taking into consideration epigenetic changes from your environment.

Are you exhausted from battling Chronic Fatigue?

Or are you confused and frustrated with the overwhelming amount of health advice on television, the internet, and magazines? If so, you are not alone. With so many different methods of eating, exercise, and stress reduction it can be difficult to know one is right for you.

Just Test… Don’t Guess.


If you are trying different supplements, changing diet, lifestyle and are still having difficulty with symptoms or illness… you may well benefit from working with a functional medicine practitioner like Dr. Liana Rodriguez. She can help you uncover root causes, remove triggers, and replete nutrient deficiencies to give your body it’s best chance to heal.

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